Recently I have been reading interviews of players mentioning the 4D’s of success. I have been researching the subject and how the four Ds served as a motivational tool for players.

No matter the level of play, (amateur, semi-professional or professional), age, sex, role within the team (coach, player, manager), or you are on or off the pitch; If you want to be successful, either as an individual or as part of a team, it is important to keep these four principles in mind. Some studies have shown that those players who are successful in their personal life (family, studies, businesses) are also successful on the playing field.

The four Ds must exist together, if any are faulty it will not be possible to be successful. The four Ds as I see them are: Desire – Drive – Dedication – Discipline

 Desires: These are the dreams, goals or goals we all have, have you ever thought about what yours are? Do you really want to catch up with them? Yes! Anything is possible, “wanting is power”. There are no impossible. Desire to be the best, to win, to have success. How strong is your desire?

Drive: You have made the decision to make it possible, to make “something” happen. Never give up, you deserve the best. Visualize, think, feel, act positively Always move forward looking to achieve your goals, such as get 3 more reps; to force yourself during your training and not back down. That is Drive – no easy roads.

Dedication:  Stay true to yourself and your goals. Do not be dissuaded by “friends” and “concerned family members” who want to distract you, getting what you want takes time and effort. Practice will make it possible for you to get better. So, try again and again until you make it.

Discipline:  The last on the list is the most important.  This is the element that joins the previous three. It is the “internal force” that we all have and that pushes us to continue, continue to try, not to give up and not to lose sight of the ultimate goal.

To be successful is to achieve the goals, to achieve this you must have desires, drive, dedication and discipline. The four Ds of success.


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