Multifactorial individualised programme for hamstring muscle injury risk reduction in professional football: protocol for a prospective cohort study

Interesting study regarding Injury risk reduction in Hamstrings. worth a read. Published only 10 days ago.

Johan Lahti ,Jurdan Mendiguchia, Juha Ahtiainen, Luis Anula, Tuomas Kononen, Mikko Kujala,6 Anton Matinlauri,  Ville Peltonen,  Max Thibault, Risto-Matti Toivonen, Pascal Edouard, Jean Benoit Morin

Lahti J, et al.


Introduction Hamstring muscle injuries (HMI) continue to plague professional football. Several scientific publications have encouraged a multifactorial approach; however, no multifactorial HMI risk reduction studies have been conducted in professional football. Furthermore, individualisation of HMI management programmes has only been researched in a rehabilitation setting. Therefore, this study aims to determine if a specific multifactorial and individualised programme can reduce HMI occurrence in professional football

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