Concurrent Training Intensities: A Practical Approach for Program Design

National Strength and Conditioning Association


ABSTRACT Sports performance is influenced by the interaction of several physical variables.

For this reason, most sports need both strength and endurance capacities to maximize overall performance.

Therefore, a combination of resistance and aerobic training, usually called concurrent training (CT), has been used recently as a way of simultaneously improving strength and aerobic performances according to the needs of a specific sport. This combination can be challenging and can influence training adaptations, being a problematic issue for coaches.

The main objective is to provide coaches with a practical proposal for CT to improve athletes’ performance in different sports.

Strength and conditioning professionals have been advised to prescribe programs that include both strength and aerobic training concurrently to obtain better results with more efficiency and quickness .

For this reason, coaches and professionals should know how to program a specific CT regarding volume, intensity, duration, periodization models, to conjugate the loads, and to obtain increased performances. Thus, the main objective of this article is to provide the knowledge and recommendations to enable coaches to efficiently design a CT training regime that will improve sports performance.

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