The Article was published in the current edition of the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

In this systematic review, the authors aimed to verify the effects of this type of training. A total of 117 articles were retrieved, and 9 studies remained in the present systematic review. A total of 228 athletes (138 judo athletes, 40 taekwondo athletes, 18 boxers, 17 karate athletes, and 15 wrestlers) were investigated in these 9 studies (5 with judo athletes, 1 with boxers, 1 with karate athletes, 1 with wrestlers, and 1 with taekwondo athletes).

The HIIT protocols investigated did not generate any change in body fat percentage or body mass but generally resulted in increases in VO2max or VO2peak, varying from 4.4 to 23.0%. However, the most observed benefit of HIIT protocols was an increase in anaerobic fitness, represented by improvements in anaerobic power and capacity.

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