Eight Week Battle Rope Training Improves Multiple Physical Fitness Dimensions and Shooting Accuracy.

Another Article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning and Research 32(10): 2715–2724, 2018

A high-intensity interval training, power rope, total body training.

This study investigated whether battle rope (BR) training enhances multiple physical fitness dimensions, including aerobic capacity (AC), upper-body anaerobic power (AnP), upper-body and lower-body power, agility, and core muscle endurance, and shooting accuracy in basketball players and compared its effects with those of regular training (shuttle run [SR]).

In this study, the authors assigned 30 players to a battle rope training group or a shuttle-run training group. Both groups were assessed for a number of fitness components & shooting accuracy. The findings were:

·        Shuttle run group demonstrated improvements for aerobic capacity & upper body anaerobic power.

·        Battle-rope group demonstrated improvements for aerobic capacity, upper body anaerobic power, lower body anaerobic power, core endurance & shooting accuracy.

The authors believe that improved core endurance may have led to better shooting accuracy due to “favourable trunk stability during the shooting process.”