A Novel Method to Determine Optimal Load in Elastic-Based Power Training

Published in September edition of Journal Strength Conditioning and Research 32(9): 2401-2408

The authors used a bicep curl with 6 different elastic (resistance) tubes & measured force data from a strain gauge and velocity data from a 3D motion capture system to calculate power output.

An analysis based on individual’s cable arm curl 1-repetition maximum (1RM) was then used to generate general guidelines for the most appropriate tube to use for arm curl power training based on upper arm 1RM.

The practical application of this research is that it will allow practitioners to identify the optimal resistance tube or band that will maximize power based on their clients’ 1RM.

More significantly, however, researchers and manufacturers can apply the novel technique in the study to determine the optimal tube or band for power training across multiple exercises, population groups, and brands of tubing and bands.