Exercises that will make you a better Rock Climber – How to Do a Squat Thrust


Many climbers concentrate on the upper body or trunk but forget how to use the legs, this exercise will strengthen the lower limbs.

Purpose Squat Thrust is a form of callisthenic exercise that combines both squat and plank, two of the most effective body-weight workouts, this exercise will work on your truck, legs and feet

Target: Extra leg strength when climbing an indoor Wall or Outdoor.


  1. Stand with your feet shoulder with apart and your arms hanging by your sides.
  1. Push you hips back, bend your knees, and lower your body as deep as you can into a squat position. Place your palms on the floor to prepare for the next plank/pushup position.
  2. Kick your legs backward, so that you’re now in a push up position.
  3. Quickly bring your legs back to the squat position and get back up to the standing position. Repeat all steps as quickly as quickly as you can for 30 to 60 seconds. Perform 2 sets of 15 repetitions each increased to 3 sets 8 reps

Exercise Variables

  • This can be done as Squat Thrust/Mountain Climbers.
  • Repetitions: 10-15 reps or 30-60 seconds.
  • Sets: 2-3 sets