Exercises That Will Make You a Better Rock Climber – Week 3 Mountain Climber

Hello everyone,

In week 3 we are talking the Mountain Climber

Purpose: Develops the ability to quickly move the legs to power out of the front leaning rest position

Targets: great combination of leg and core exercise which also helps build flexibility for those tight and awkward positions you can find yourself in on the wall.

Longer duration of this exercise can also work as a great warm up or short aerobic workout.

Technique: Push upward with the feet and quickly change the positions of the legs.

Return to the starting position.

Repeat the movements in count 1.

Return to the starting position.


The hands are directly below the shoulders with the fingers spread (middle fingers pointing straight ahead) with the elbows straight, not locked.

To prevent the trunk from sagging, contract and hold the abdominals throughout the exercise. Do not raise the hips and buttocks when moving throughout the exercise.

Align the head with the spine and direct the eyes to a point about two feet in front of the body.

Throughout the exercise, remain on the balls of the feet.

Move the legs straight forward and backward, not at angles.