Wednesday Rehab – Passive Stretching R2 Mobility for Grumpy Quads 8

Hahaha I love bringing some fun into the rather serious world of Rehab  – I’m hoping R2D2 might be feeling a lot looser since last session of Myofascial release ;))…. how about you?


But now to KEEP some of that looseness, we need long periods of holding on stretch near the R2 limit. Straight after myofascial release. Use that window of freedom to lock in some longer term changes.


These two passive Quad stretches should be absolutely taught to every client with knee, hip, and low back issues. They each have slightly different values, can you feel the differences?


A few key elements to enhance these intense stretches:

  • Check your knees are supported under soft padding if kneeling
  • Check your knees don’t feel pain during Quad stretching (although I do sometimes think that the pain felt can be stretching of fascia near the lateral patella..) tricky to know.
  • Use pelvis posterior tilt to further enhance the stretch. KEEP your chest up for maximum value.
  • Breathe; relax and let go of tightness,
  • Hold 30sec at a time, no less! Do 3-4 reps.

How often – Well, how much time you got? No limits, really to how much you do. You could easily do 5 sets per day you know that? Ohh the changes would happen so much faster

Check the Video:

Hopefully your Quality Quads start to loosen before R2D2’s ever will….