Wednesday Rehab – Myofascial R2 Mobility for Grumpy Quads 7


R2 mobility? WTF? Sounds like a technique on a certain Star Wars character 😉

All it means is the very limit of a tissue’s extensibility; its true passive end range. Probably some discomfort associated with holding it at this point but not painful (unless you are stretching nerve tissue without realising it).

Muscle and fascia are at full stretch; any “knots” (read Trigger Points aka “Landmines”, or scar tissue) in muscle, fascia and ligaments are holding back the ability of structure to fully lengthen.

Hence today’s big message for loosening muscles effectively:

…do R2 (end range) Myofascial Release FIRST BEFORE before doing R2 Passive Stretching. 

Reduce Myofascial “knots” (today’s video) then learn how to do Stretching immediately after (next week) . This rule applies to ANY myofascial tissue, as a matter of fact – if you don’t R2 myofascial release the tissue before R2 stretching, you simply lock in the trigger points further. The knots in the rope analogy applies perfectly:






“Try lengthening that out by pulling at both ends!”


And it applies really well to joint and neural mobility work as well. Myofascial release first, then see what you are left with before attempting the deeper layer of loosening of joints or neural tissue.

So, take yourself up to full stretch of your Quads somehow, listen to how they feel; then do your myofascial work for 3-5 minutes, then repeat and see how much range of movement you have gained!