Wednesday Rehab – VMO Trigger Activation for Grumpy Quads 6

Without wanting to get lost in the science and research around muscle inhibition, knee pain and how to fix it, you can trust us that some muscles get overactive, tense and dominant in response to Trigger Points, and others do the opposite: become inhibited, elongated and weaken.

This is the essence of what we have always banged on about: “Muscle Imbalance” and one of the easiest to understand is the imbalance between overactive Vastus Lateralis, and underactive Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) that occurs so easily with Grumpy Knees.

So, a novel idea, also taught by other high level rehab institutions (e.g. Kinetic Control see here), is that of doing Trigger Point work on VMO in order to activate it. Later on we can do activation through carefully targeted exercises and the use of theraband tubing, but to begin with it can be so powerful and effective to release this small muscle area from inhibiting Trigger Points!

Not only that, but as you can see from the diagram, if those Trigger Points are “active” their referral patterns of pain may actually be the source of some of the Grumpy Knee feelings! Could it be that some or all of your Grumpy Knee pain is directly coming from Trigger Points in your VMO?









Watch Ulrik demonstrate VMO Trigger Points in the video in order to activate it!

Watch the Video: