Wednesday Rehab – Hypersensitive Fascia Grumpy Knee 5

Don’t you hate myofascial rolling through those sore areas in your Quads and ITB? Areas that are not necessarily the deeper lumpy “Landmines” (Trigger Points) we discussed last week, but rather areas where the surface is simply sore to touch?

My theory is that those areas are fascia that is hypersensitive. In the same way that scar tissue can be hypersensitive to touch. And because there is soooo much fascia in and around the hip, thigh and knee, it stands to reason that most of us are likely to have super-sensitive areas. Especially if you have Grumpy Knees!

So to assess this tightness on your client I recommend the simple method in todays video – check left and right difference to see if it is tighter on the sore knee. If so, that’s your green light! Go hard with myofascial rolling in order to relieve niggling knee pains (well not too hard initially because you don’t want to scare off your client 😉

IT WILL HURT because if its tight, there will be areas of hypersensitivity in the fascia preventing easy expansion and movement of the local tissues down to the knee (the fascia that wraps from the ITB into the patella is termed the “Lateral Patellar Retinaculum”).







Connective Tissue is prone to hypersensitivity when tight or tethered


One Personal Trainer mentioned scar tissue on her lateral quad where a dog bit her a while back. Same side as her knee pain. Could there be hypersensitive ITB fascia and scar tissue contributing to her knee pain? Guilty until proven innocent I say!

Our assessment today then is more about end of range flexibility testing (R2), than early tension testing (R1).

And so the myofascial release looks different – more dynamic and superficial than deep and slow. For some this rougher approach is excrutiating, for others its a lot less sore. And nothing works as well as the Posture Pro!

Perhaps it depends if your Grumpy Quad is more trigger point infested (primarily “tense”), or fascially tight and sensitive (primarily “tight”)?


Or both?!

Watch video here: