Wednesday Rehab – Triggered Quads Grumpy Knee 4

Good Afternoon,

Last week we looked at our Quadricep R1 (subtle tension that kicks in due to neuromuscular tension rather than tightness), so now it’s time to get out your favourite myofascial release tools and have some fun!

We are searching for “landmines” (or Trigger Points)!

How to know you have a Landmine?

You will roll over a lump that can be exquisitely painful. It may refer an ache to another part of your leg, when you are compressing it. You may even experience an involuntary ‘jump’ or twitch every time you roll over it. That’s the truest sign of an angry trigger point!

Don’t be worried about working deeper into Trigger Points once you start to get used to the pain. You will increasingly tolerate it, and the good news is that you can do yourself no harm, and instead there will gradually follow a releasing of that tense pain, less of the twitch and increased knee mobility and strength.

Surprisingly, trigger points seem to happen in predictable areas of the muscle:






In the self-myofascial release video today, your Quad and ITB are not on stretch, so you might get painfully deep into your Vastus Laterals and Iliotibial Band without much effort.

Be warned: ease into it gradually, gently, firmly. Hold tense trigger points for 10-15 secs, and watch them “melt” under the sustained pressure. Do 4-5 reps on each trigger point you find. Don’t go so hard on them you have to twist your face into knots!! Breathe through it.

You can use heat pack before or after if you so desire – it helps relax muscles and feels great.

So – it’s time to go searching for Landmines in those Quads!