Wednesday Rehab – 4 Realities for Grumpy Knees (Rehab Knees are hard work)

Thank You for your replies! No doubt it forced you to think about your knee(s), where the pain, clicking, or swelling is, how long it has been going on for, how it started, and what aggravates it. Your story is valuable and I will try and extract useful trends from it over the next few weeks.

Some stuff can’t be said in a quick paragraph – and many of you really need hope and clarity urgently as your knee/s really affect your functional movement and exercise and state of mind.

I hope I can do your trust justice and give you knowledge and hope that will carry you through the inevitable hard work that lays ahead in rehab.

Rehabbing KNEES is particularly hard work – why?

4 Realities and 4 Questions for you…)

Knees have lots of bits to get Grumpy – Lots of non-muscular tissues like bones, ligaments, articular cartilage, tendons, tightly wound connective tissue and meniscus – and all these things take more time than we would like to heal (3 months minimum, up to 2 years!). Patience and endurance is required.


 Q1 Have you prepared yourself for the long slow road, or are you hoping for a quick fix? 

Tip of the Iceberg – Knees are affected by what’s happening north (hip / low back) and south (ankle / foot) – more often than not if you do hard work on the areas you will reap benefits at the knee. At least 5 shared stories of how improving their foot function altogether fixed their chronic knee pain! And the research is full of info on how improving strength and control of Gluteus Medius and other hip muscles can improve the knees.






2 Have you assessed and begun working
on your feet and / or hip function?
Work on those weaknesses above or below.

Hard to unload Knees – We load them all day whether we realise it or not; even when we sleep they may lie in a loaded position: hyperextended when lying on your back or stomach, or twisted in side-lying. A few mentioned pain being present even before getting out of bed in the morning! And when we stand and walk there are multiple positions that the knee might be pinched to its end of range, twisted, or crushed – unknown to us often! Most of it revolves around habits that are hard to change.

So the fragile inflamed structures of the knee never can truly heal because we unwittingly continue to load into them, completely unaware. We react after because it is sore or puffy, but can you grow in your awareness to prevent the trigger? Takes a lot of “listening to your knee” – hearing what it is saying and what it wants with a mind to preventing; rather than reacting afterwards.

Imagine your finger joint constantly being bent back to its limit through the day and night, or twisted or made to carry loads for long periods – you would have a chronically grumpy finger Joint!








Q3 Are you listening closely to what your knee is saying about
changing your habits – in lying down, standing, walking, running, lunging or squatting? Are you making changes?

Stubborn Quadriceps – this muscle is surprisingly vulnerable to inhibition and atrophy, and doesn’t like operating when pain and swelling is present. It’s a real Catch-22…weak quads result in knee problems, which result in weak quads. Chicken and egg.











 Q4 Have you found any ways to strengthen your Quads that
a) don’t aggravate your knee, and that 

b) really make your Quads burn and come alive?

Feel the challenge of Grumpy Knees? .. for those of you who wrote with your Grumpy Knee Story which of the 4 Realities most relates to you?