Sunday Article – The tactical athlete: optimising physical preparedness for the demands of combat

This is worth a read from this Month’s UKSCA Journal Issue number 44

Modern military operations place unique and intense physiological and
psychological demands upon the soldier. In order to help adapt to and cope
with such demands, a high level of physical preparedness must be seen as a
fundamental requirement of all military personnel.3 Indeed, the modern soldier
needs to be more agile, more capable, more able to survive and more resilient than
the enemy in order to ensure victory on the battlefield. Soldiers who are physically
fit can be seen as a critical force multiplier. Not only do they demonstrate improved
mission performance, but they may also be more resilient for both the physical
and psychological demands of sustained military operations.Furthermore,
physically fit soldiers may be less susceptible to injury and demonstrate better
physical and mental health over the long term than less fit individuals.

by Jonpaul Nevin, BSc (Hons), ASCC, CSCS

Help for Heroes, Tidworth

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