Wednesday Rehab – Grumpy Knees

Greetings following the last series on Upper Body we now switch our attention to our lower body, it’s about time we dealt with one of the most common of client, trainer and even physiotherapist complaints – grumpy knees! We will devote a good series to this challenging and vast topic. Today I need you to tell me quickly about YOUR sore knee so be prepared!

We are about keeping it practical, but with some intelligent, researched, creative and compassionate opinions from colleagues who are Rehab Trainer Educators (some of who have Grumpy Knees!).

The kind of topics I see us tackling over the next month (or three) are:

  • Common Pain Presentations of the Modern Personal Trainer – YOU 😉
  • Knees – the Icebergs of the lower limb!
  • Knees over Toes in squat and lunge?
  • Common functional movement dysfunctions of the knee to correct
  • Latest relevant knee rehab research. 
  • Understanding noises and swelling inside your knees.
  • Novel new Cues for enhancing inhibited quads
  • Building balanced quadriceps
  • Athletic late stage knee rehab

On the ground research about the common types of pain that fit people like you get.

Please fill in the attached Survey and send it back:


Quick Knee Questionnaire for You to do right now


I want to hear about YOUR knee pain – email me back right now:

  1. Where it hurts on your knee/s (front, back, inside, outside); any click?

    Answer: ____________________

  2. How severe the pain is out of 10 (e.g.. 8/10 if it really stops you doing the movement)

    Answer: _/10

  3. When (how long ago?) and how it began (what activity)

    Answer: ____________________

  4. What makes it worse?

    Answer: ____________________


Thank you!

Looking forward to your quick reply on Knee Pain summary so we can all be wiser as to how to deal with this scourge on the fitness industry. This info tells me what types of topics might interest you in this Grumpy Knee Series…