Professional Sports Killing investment into Club or Community Sport?

I have copied and paste this article from John Morris and Exercise Scientist from Queensland:

The Australian love of sport killing our professional sport? All professional sporting bodies in Australia are competing for sponsors, fans and broadcasting deals even though we don’t have the population or millionaires to support the ideas and expansion across all the codes.

Super Rugby has killed the investment into club rugby and now the Western Force depending on legal battles. NBL has had teams come and go more than most sports in Australia. A-League has seen teams exist and die within 12 years and are talking about expansion and promotion and regulation for lower leagues. Expansion in Rugby League would only see a repeat of the pre-Super League Days I believe with only relocations or takeovers being the best options. AFL has had its problems and looks like before expansion it will see the GC Suns move to Tasmania before they risk expansion and the million top ups again.

American sports have given Oz CEO’s with false hopes and dreams about where their clubs and sports should be and the money they should be making. The population and the money available in America doesn’t compare with Oz. Atlanta has just spent $1.6 Billion on a new stadium for Atlanta Hawks and their MLS Soccer team and also spent another $1.1 Billion on their new baseball stadium

There are some valid points in his comments the comparison with the US and Australia is interesting is not flawed as some have alluded if we remove the issue of population (350 million compared to 24 Million), Australian Sports need to stop copying other models. As Australian living in the UK I can see similar issues here in the UK at the grassroots levels. The sporting landscape in Australia and the UK is more layered and complex, however recent examples of clubs failing or about to fail provides a sobering thought. Perhaps at the community and/or grassroots level is time to stop paying athletes or players for success and invest in proper club capital investments?