Wednesday Rehab – Summary of Serratus



Well, we have finally come to our last Serratus Anterior video a more complex integration exercise guaranteed to increase whole body synergy, warm-up and a multitude of secondary benefits (like better Glut Max like in this video!).

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Wrapping Up Serratus

Let’s take stock of Serratus Anterior – a muscle surprisingly misunderstood and undervalued in the exercise and even allied health industries. It’s the powerhouse of the active shoulder, and absolutely critical for overhead shoulder health. (Can anyone convince me there is another more important muscle?)

One of the on-going misunderstandings is that it has any role in the pulling movement – it can only push forward and upwards! That’s all – and if you pack your scapula back and down, it switches off. It has to!

Muscles can easily be overactive or tight, and thereby inhibit it – Pec Minor / Major, Rhomboids, Levator Scapula, even Lat Dorsi; and if your thoracic is over-flexed or over-extended it doesn’t help it at all. So there are many ingredients that prevent it from performing effectively.

Classic pathomechanics include the more obvious scapular winging, and the less obvious downwardly rotated / anteriorly tilted scapula – both will weaken the push movement and overload the rotator cuff.

Best cues for clients? Well, I still think “Push / reach with your armpit” is the best, but keep enforcing the elbow to stay exactly behind the wrist during any push movements.

And which exercise would I choose for my client?..well where do I start! Depends on:

  • Pain levels,
  • Client co-ordination and strength levels,
  • Ask yourself whether the client needs more forward push strength, or more overhead push strength.
  • Lastly – which one’s work for you personally? They are the ones mostly likely to give you confidence to teach (of course!) effectively.

So feel free to go through the whole series again in succession right here. Refresh your memory and practice a few.

Do a group Serratus workshop with your friends and colleagues!


Have a Happy Easter, See you in 2 weeks