Wednesday Rehab – Integrating Serratus Part 1

Serratus needs very careful integration into functional movements once the client is ready (their biomechanics and pain levels are improved sufficiently) – and this is tricky business!

Hence why we include in many courses and teach you how to use a “Rehab Dowel”, much like a conductor uses a small stick to conduct the orchestra. Nothing fancy, but it does look and feel a little more professional with the branding on it ;))








So, as you step up your Athletes shoulder movement into functional positions like in the video today, remember you are training their brain to automatically include Serratus in their movement. That’s the goal. Train the BRAIN. A few more tricks that really help for Conducting Serratus:

  • Use the Rehab Dowel for tapping, stroking, and odd friendly prod 😉
  • Start with lower loads to begin, rehearsing the movement prior to adding loads
  • Cue heavily – the “armpit” cue on elevating or overhead positions, and the “elbow directly behind or underneath the hand” during pushing movements.
  • High reps and frequency through their workout and daily lives
  • Increase the complexity of what you are asking them to do – this has tremendous scope for imagination and that is what our video today is about!

Watch the video