A Serratus Blaster

Last Wednesdays article was simply  Scapular Packing utilises the opposite movement to Serratus Anterior so you need to be very selective in when you use it.

  • Use it with arms closer to the body, and

Use it on the pull movement NOT the push movement.

Serratus Anterior and Overhead Shoulder Rehabilitation

Ok so let’s take our Serratus Anterior work into new territory to deal with some of the more tricky and resistant types of athletic shoulder complaints: overhead impingement due to poor scapular positioning and control. 

In rehabilitating overhead movement, the last thing we would ever do is simply start doing overhead press as an exercise! Boy, oh boy will that shoulder get angry as you force all the inflamed soft tissues to friction against each other. 


Rather, here are a few safety strategies we will introduce, in order to decrease our chances of aggravating the shoulder (discounting all the myriad of critical loosening techniques of course):

  • work in the forward (sagittal) plane – elbows where you can see them – before the lateral (coronal) plane
  • warm- up with emphasis on the protraction element (easier to activate and cue) before you attempt to train the more subtle upward rotation element
  • train beginning and end positions of overhead press statically, before progressing to the full movement through
  • use iso-integration (tubing tension in various directions) to reduce pain and help maintain good scapular position and rotator cuff activation.

Today’s video (below) and the next few weeks’ worth of videos will explain it all…