Wednesday Rehab – Serratus with Thoracic Rotation Drills

I hope you have been adding some specific Serratus Anterior work into client exercise sessions! Add them into rest periods as a “Filler”, or do 2 min warm-ups and 2 min warm-downs of these Serratus drills.

Serratus is the powerhouse of the shoulder and links the arm to the thoracic spine (todays video shows you how to get them both working together) – especially critical for types of exercise like boxing, tennis, Vipr, cross body cable drills, and kettlebells.

Remember the Cue :

“Reach with your armpit”, or

“Keep your elbow directly behind your hand during push movements”.


Today’s video shows you a couple more cues helpful in the pushing movement and linking it to thoracic rotation (Q: do you think that internal rotation or external rotation of the Glenohumeral joint switches Serratus on?); check it out

Have a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year