Wednesday Rehab – Serratus Killer: The Supine High-Elbow Swiss Ball Push

It has been a long way and this remain in my outbox! so lets get started,

if you have any shoulder, neck or thoracic problems you need to be doing these Serratus Anterior Drills I’m giving you? Do them 2-3 x daily even if they are easy!

WHY you say? Because it is increasing the size of your Brain Switch for the muscle – and that simply makes it easier for the brain to accessSerratus Anterior when you are doing overhead press, tennis serving, throwing, boxing, push-ups, upright row or swimming freestyle

Of course, you will be ready to progress when you can easily do 20-30 reps or under load hold the exercise position for 20-30 secs. But still – use them in warm-ups.

Today we have a nice little Serratus Killer called the “The Supine High-Elbow Swiss Ball Push” – full credit to Mark Davis for its brilliance!

In 2 weeks you will be ready for the next progressions (and they are seriously harder!),