Wednesday Rehab – Serratus: The Sleepy Body Builder Progressions

We continue the Serratus series an area not many strength and conditioning coaches address properly or identified by sports coaches if there is an injury or discomfort in the athlete
Over the next few series I will be showing drills to wake up, integrate and empower your own and your client’s Serratus Anterior?

serraturs-anterior serraturs-anterior-back










Regardless if there is pre-existing niggling pain in the shoulder or not, try each drill (check there is no pain of course when doing it) and see if you like it.

Chris Mallac, Mark Davis and Ulrick Larsen Master Rehab specialists have pushed the boundaries of lateral thinking to come up with new material for rehab and training of this shoulder powerhouse – and through December – January I will give a new component every fortnight (2 weeks)

So, first up, imagine the Body Builders posing like in the picture:













As you noticed the Abdominal is flexed, hands behind head, ready to put on the performance…. Except in the Sleepy Body Builder, he is doing it lying on his back flexing to the sky!

Enjoy the first 3 drills in what Rehab Trainer is calling the “Sleepy Body Builder”