Wednesday Rehab – Poor Serratus – Poor Push

How do you determine if a client has a weak Serratus Anterior? EASY – simply watch them do a Push-up from the knees (actually the All-4’s position above is perfect, especially if they are elderly or have pain in the shoulder). Guess what? you’ll see those “Wings” pop up straight away if their Serratus is poor!


Serratus is also named as the “Boxer’s Muscle” for this very reason that it is the only true protractor of the scapula, and therefore critical in the strength of the push or the punch. The scapula must follow the arm forward (staying flat against the rib cage) for ideal alignment in the socket, or else the medial border of the scapula will poke out the back. See the video for a few good examples!
Easy to observe poor push, however not so easy to fix – especially if it is a bit genetic

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