Wednesday Rehab – Upper Trap Mystery – Part II

A few people writing in wanting to understand why their Upper Trap area gets so sore.. There is no doubt that it is often more complex than just stretching or doing myofascial release to those muscles, because it usually doesn’t really fix it. Just like cracking your back doesn’t usually fix back pain!

Today ‘s article tackle two very big controversies in the world of rehab and strength – they both relate to our tricky friend Upper Traps and are:

  • Should we stretch or strengthen Upper Traps for rehab??
  • Do Shrugs work even work for strengthening Upper Traps?


In the attached article, Chris Mallac and UIrick Larsen tackle this controversy and continue our exploration of the Upper Trap Mystery in Part II:

Rehab Trainer Upper trap Mystery 2

Be warned – it is quite a technical article this time as well, so you have to be fresh in your brains to understand it!

A bit of quick anatomy to try and understand more in depth the Upper Traps and where they insert:









And don’t forget the little videos from last week that really show the muscle in action – the debate centres around whether the video on the Left is accurate… Does the Upper Trap even do Shrugging??