Wednesday Rehab – Upper Trap Mystery






Everyone is talking about their sore Upper Traps aren’t they?! While there are lots of effective ways to temporarily release the stress and strain in the trigger points that build up in them, they are forever returning to haunt us after intense exercise sessions, or after sitting at the desk for too long.

In the photo above, Dan and Tarek are looking very serious with some awesome Kettlebell Upper Trap release techniques from the Rehab FX course (more gentle than it looks thankfully). Anything but the thumbs, we reckon!

On some clients there always seems to be the struggle with tightness of the Upper Traps, even if they aren’t exercising. They may also experience headaches, occasional nerve symptoms, and really limited mobility in the neck sometimes…. Upper Traps are a pain in the neck seriously!

Surely there is more going on? Could Upper Trap soreness be the tip of the iceberg? Is it hiding other things? What is it protecting?

Today hope you enjoy the Part I of two articles that Chris Mallac (Senior International Rehab Trainer Educator) and Ulrik Larsen, entitled “The Upper Trap Mystery”!
rehab trainer upper trap mystery

HINT: Clues to the mystery can be found in these two small anatomy videos showing Upper Traps and their relationships to nearby muscles: