Wednesday Rehab – Shoulder Rehab

From the Rehab Trainer Library how to do a Should rehab in easy steps:


Over the next 3 weeks I will be publishing articles from the library that will attempt to achieve three things :
• Clarify some areas of current thinking and research about shoulder muscle
imbalance, injury and rehab

• Bring research and practical / clinical knowledge to bear on Subscapularis,
Serratus Anterior and Lower Trapezius muscles, that need focus and retraining
for Injury Prevention and in the majority of shoulder problems

• Introduce some new rehab drills around 3 distinct Zones of elevation, to aid in
the relearning and rehab process of these critical muscles.

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Shoulder Rehab Part 1

Ulrik Larsen
Rehab Trainer Founder and Educator, APA Sports Physiotherapist