Wednesday Rehab – Older Shoulders

Rehab-Yoda Adam Floyd, in “Musculoskeletal Conditions Coaches need to be Aware Of”, brings more of his injury wisdom to the topic of “Older Shoulders”.

Client’s bodies are tricky, joints can easily be worn out and old injuries are so vulnerable to aggravation! Loading them up; forcing them to adapt and get fitter, stronger, more functional…all sounds so easy – unless, that is, you’ve been a Physiotherapist.
And worst of ALL the risky areas would have to be Older Shoulders
Shoulder injuries are tricky regardless of the age of your client (or yourself!), and certainly Adam’s down-to-earth knowledge and advice needs to be heeded by every Coach – have a quick listen to this surprising research he has dug up, and critical advice to go with it:

Watch the Video:







What lifestyle changes may elderly clients with Shoulder Pain need to make? (Note this is easier said than done, as many are quite stubborn…;)

Stop carrying heavy loads of groceries

Stop sleeping on that sore shoulder

Stop leaning heavily into the shoulder in bed or otherwise

Lastly, let’s be clear on some of the worst shoulder exercises for over-60’s, even if they have NO shoulder pain:

Upright Row


Lateral and Front Raises

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