Following the success of the London Olympics and with Rio Olympics around a corner, attention has started to focus on the likely medal haul at these games. Potentially, schools provide an ideal opportunity to positively affect the athletic development of our future athletes. It is therefore important to examine whether or not our schools are providing the appropriate opportunities for the optimum development of our future stars. Whilst many schools have very impressive sport skill development programmes, the number that effectively develop strength and conditioning is limited. This often means that there is no coordinated progressive strength and conditioning development programme in place. This makes the optimal development of athletes almost impossible, and places our potential elite athletes at a disadvantage to countries where such a programme is in place. In comparison to the systems and facilities in American High Schools for example, Britain compares abysmally, and this will remain the same until strength and conditioning is given an appropriate voice and is driven forward in this sector. The aim of this column is to highlight areas of concern and potential for strength and conditioning coaches working in the school and college environment.

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Strength and Conditioning in schools