Suspended Stretching – Posterior Cuff Shoulder

Good evening and welcome to the Wednesday Night Rehab,

Exercises for posterior cuff shoulders use them in warm-ups and warm-downs, and daily efforts to increase mobility in the posterior shoulder and into internal rotation of the shoulder.

The research is strong that tightness in this area is linked to gleno-humeral (socket-ball) impingement and a multitude of deep shoulder pathologies –

You can read a little research about it HERE if you like.

To go with passive stretching of the posterior cuff, we have CRITICAL RECOMMENDATIONS

  • Use big range, slow and thoughtful active movements at the beginning of the warm-up to increase blood, fascial, neural and muscle fibre movement.
  • Some examples are big shoulder circles, push-pull, overhead reaching, big shoulder shrugs, are good examples – but remember they must be free of sharp pain.