Suspending stretching: Pec

Good Evening,
This week we attack the oh-so-commonly tight Pecs (the deeper Pec Minor and Surface Pec Major) that cause so many types of shoulder, neck, and upper back issues if not released, stretched and kept loose.

Always myofascial roll before stretching.

To go with Suspended Stretching of Pec we have
“Take care with joint position during passive stretching!”
+ What position is the shoulder in during the stretch? Is it lurched forward while your arm is pulled behind the line of the body, creating anterior shear in the glenohumeral joint? Instead keep the scapula retracted fully to prevent this common error.
+ Is the elbow higher than the line of the shoulder? – it should be in order to minimize the lurching mentioned above.
+ Are the head and chest being held up to safeguard the neck and optimise the stretch?