By: SIGAL BEN-ZAKEN, ALON ELIAKIM, DAN NEMET, AND YOAV MECKEL 1 Genetics and Molecular Biology Laboratory, The Zinman College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel; and 2Child Health and Sports Center, Pediatric Department, Meir Medical Center, Sackler School of Medicine, Tel-Aviv University, Kfar-Saba, Israel Journal of Strength and Conditioning […]

Partial Compared with Full Range of Motion Resistance Training for Muscle Hypertrophy:

A Brief Review and an Identification of Potential Mechanisms: Newmire, Daniel E.; Willoughby, Darryn S. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: September 2018 – Volume 32 – Issue 9 – p 2652–2664 Very Interesting Article: “Most of previous research has primarily focused on strength outcomes opposed to muscle hypertrophy. The purpose of the review is […]

How to Build Strength in Rock Climbers – Part 1

Most people have known me as Strength and Conditioning Coach primarily for Team Sports (Rugby Union and American Football), however, my passion has always been Rock Climbing since as long as I remember. So at present I have switched my focus to build strength in Climbers. Even with Rock climbing in the Olympics it is […]

Whatever it takes – Physical Preparation of a Professional Rugby Team

  Stuart Yule ASCC is currently lead strength and conditioning coach at Glasgow Warriors. His talk, recorded at the 2013 UKSCA Conference, takes an in-depth look at physical preparation of a professional rugby team. Video : Click on Part 1 PART 1

Benefits and pitfalls of planning strength and conditioning in amateur sports – Part 3 Conclusion

One of the biggest problems in Amateur Sports is how to do a periodization program according to the needs of the players.   Numerous studies have highlighted differences between playing levels and positions in rugby union; however, few studies have investigated longitudinal progressions of body composition and physical performance. Between-player differences and within-player changes in […]