Today – a quick video with some Rehab Training ideas for deactivating your Client’s and your own Hamstrings. This is great for clients with hyper extending knees – turn down those whammies before turning up their quads and glutes! Keep reading here and for the video: Article

Rehab Trainer – Medial Tubing Pull for Grumpy Quads GQ13

I hope I didn’t confuse you last week with the ball-squeeze debate… let me say clearly that I believe it is better for activating VMO to have the tubing AROUND THE OUTSIDE of the knees. This actually increases the activation of the VMO, which shows itself in increased EMG readings (see todays video from 2011 […]

Rehab Trainer – Ball Squeezing for Grumpy Quads? GQ12

Uh ohhh look out…  this one might mess with a few heads because a “sacred cow” is being threatened ….and this one is controversial! Friends, we are talking about whether or not to squeeze a ball together between the knees during squat to help with knee pain. Many fitness and health professionals swear by this. Research […]

Rehab Trainer – Early Fx Integration for Grumpy Confused Quads 11

In all my Physiotherapy days treating knee pain, I was never more grateful for any piece of equipment than for the Leg Press they had in the massive gym next door to our Sports Medicine Clinic at Lutwyche in Brisbane. It was perfect! – the kind that moves your body away from the platform, not […]

Rehab Trainer – Firing UP Grumpy Quads 10

Thank you if you sent in your personal experiences for Switching ON your own quadriceps! Really, really appreciated some of the insights and superb ideas from you. To begin, here is a small selection that the whole group offered (some very smart Personal Trainers and Injury Specialists out there in our family!): Please click on the link to […]

Rehab Trainer – Switching ON Grumpy Quads 9

  Let’s just pause for a deep breath in this series on Grumpy Knees…we have spent a good few newsletters now on Quad releasing, trigger points, R1/R2, and stretching, and how have you found this? Anything new for you? What do you find hardest to do if you have Grumpy Knees? No video today, instead […]

Wednesday Rehab – Passive Stretching R2 Mobility for Grumpy Quads 8

Hahaha I love bringing some fun into the rather serious world of Rehab  – I’m hoping R2D2 might be feeling a lot looser since last session of Myofascial release ;))…. how about you?   But now to KEEP some of that looseness, we need long periods of holding on stretch near the R2 limit. Straight after […]

Wednesday Rehab – Myofascial R2 Mobility for Grumpy Quads 7

  R2 mobility? WTF? Sounds like a technique on a certain Star Wars character 😉 All it means is the very limit of a tissue’s extensibility; its true passive end range. Probably some discomfort associated with holding it at this point but not painful (unless you are stretching nerve tissue without realising it). Muscle and fascia […]

Wednesday Rehab – VMO Trigger Activation for Grumpy Quads 6

Without wanting to get lost in the science and research around muscle inhibition, knee pain and how to fix it, you can trust us that some muscles get overactive, tense and dominant in response to Trigger Points, and others do the opposite: become inhibited, elongated and weaken. This is the essence of what we have […]

Wednesday Rehab – Hypersensitive Fascia Grumpy Knee 5

Don’t you hate myofascial rolling through those sore areas in your Quads and ITB? Areas that are not necessarily the deeper lumpy “Landmines” (Trigger Points) we discussed last week, but rather areas where the surface is simply sore to touch? My theory is that those areas are fascia that is hypersensitive. In the same way that scar tissue can be hypersensitive to touch. […]