Today – a quick video with some Rehab Training ideas for deactivating your Client’s and your own Hamstrings. This is great for clients with hyper extending knees – turn down those whammies before turning up their quads and glutes! Keep reading here and for the video: Article

Wednesday Rehab – VMO Trigger Activation for Grumpy Quads 6

Without wanting to get lost in the science and research around muscle inhibition, knee pain and how to fix it, you can trust us that some muscles get overactive, tense and dominant in response to Trigger Points, and others do the opposite: become inhibited, elongated and weaken. This is the essence of what we have […]

Wednesday Rehab – Triggered Quads Grumpy Knee 4

Good Afternoon, Last week we looked at our Quadricep R1 (subtle tension that kicks in due to neuromuscular tension rather than tightness), so now it’s time to get out your favourite myofascial release tools and have some fun! We are searching for “landmines” (or Trigger Points)! How to know you have a Landmine? You will […]

Wednesday Rehab – Grumpy Quads, Grumpy Knee 2

Hi there, Have you started to focus a little more on your Quads? If you have knee pain, it ultimately will come down to this, and if you don’t it’s the ultimate knee injury prevention strategy! And while it is true that other aspects of the knee may also get in the way of a happy knee […]

Wednesday Rehab – Grumpy Quads Grumpy Knee week 1

QUADRICEPS FUNCTION  Here’s the crunch: the focus should stay clearly on the stuff we can change. And you CAN CHANGE how the Quads work, slowly and steadily, over a few months. Many have done it. Jenny McConnell the famous knee Physiotherapist concludes from much research: “Poor quadriceps function, as well as increased body mass index have been associated […]

Wednesday Rehab – Grumpy Knee Diagnosis

In this series, we are all about “Grumpy Knee Syndrome” – a highly technical term 😉 – that perfectly describes one of the greatest challenges for Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Rehab Specialists ( Trust me on this one!) Have you done what I asked you to do last week? If you have knee pain you […]

Wednesday Rehab – 4 Realities for Grumpy Knees (Rehab Knees are hard work)

Thank You for your replies! No doubt it forced you to think about your knee(s), where the pain, clicking, or swelling is, how long it has been going on for, how it started, and what aggravates it. Your story is valuable and I will try and extract useful trends from it over the next few weeks. Some stuff […]

Wednesday Rehab – Grumpy Knees

Greetings following the last series on Upper Body we now switch our attention to our lower body, it’s about time we dealt with one of the most common of client, trainer and even physiotherapist complaints – grumpy knees! We will devote a good series to this challenging and vast topic. Today I need you to tell […]