Injury Rehabilitation – A rehabilitation program for sports injuries is designed to meet the needs of the individual patient, depending upon the type and severity of the injury. A full assessment of the injury will be required by a qualified Physiotherapist using techniques such as posture analysis, movement analysis,limb assessments and in some cases a gait analysis.

Rehabilitation and Exercise Prescription

  1. Early
  2. Intermediate
  3. Late
  4. Predischarge

Consisting of sport specific exercises that push your body to the max to ensure confidence that your injury is 100% better before going back to full training.

Backcare Work – Back pain can impact on many things that you would normally like to do. Fortunately there a number of things you can do to lower the chances of developing disabling back pain and reduce the impact back pain may have on your life.

Back pain can originate from various structures in the back. Sometimes the exact location of where the pain comes from can be found while in other cases it is less clear where the pain originates.

The list of factors that may contribute to back pain is long. Not all these factors are physical factors and we now know that psychological and even social factors also play an important role. Some of these possible causes may be surprising, but are nevertheless important if we want to understand and control back pain.

Strength and Conditioning Training 

  • 8-week pre-season training plan of detailed specific fitness training
  • Management of Squad training sessions
  • Fitness testing to evaluate squads fitness levels
  • SAQ Training. To develop speed and quickness of both individuals and squad
  • Weight training program for specific team positions
  • 6-week squad fitness plan throughout the season
  • Monthly individual player program via e-mail
  • 1 to 1 Personal training for individual players
  • 1 to 1 fitness testing for individuals
  • Lifestyle management and nutrition advice
  • Seminars on specific fitness covering advanced weight training, plyometrics, speed and agility, nutrition, preps on game day and recovery training.