Inspiring video from Lindsay Hilton.

Credit to Lindsay Hilton and Fitness Lovrs for the video..

Video from Lindsay Hilton

New Blog starting in the New Year


New Blogs starting in the new year and published once a month.

From the BJSM: Benefits of Regular Exercise

Impressive Physical , mental, social & emotional benefits of regular exercise:


New Website from England Rugby

If you want to become a Rugby Coach or a Referee get started with this website:



Check the Video Library:

Video Library


Watch videos to support your journey as a coach or referee. Videos on Course Insights, Game Changers, Coaches on Coaching, Whistle-Stops, Referees on Refereeing, Young Match Officials, Laws & Rules and Women in Rugby.

Circuit Rugby Fitness

USA Rugby 7’s Dynamic Warmup

With the 7’s season underway in Latin America here’s the 7’s program from Rugby USA for Dynamic warm ups who published the following video.


Rehab Videos – Hurdler VMO drill

Hurdler VMO drill:

Rehab Videos – VMO step up progressions

Sunday Videos – Rehab

Bench press optimisation (subscapularis)