World Rugby outlines Nations Championship concept

Unlike most people, i actually like the concept been promoted by World Rugby. As a former International Coach I believe this has merit, yes it has flaws the promotion and relegation issues but lets give a chance. It will need tweaking but I like any new program. I for one would run with it, click […]

Review – Recent Articles on Artificial Grass Pitches (AGP)

Recently my local Rugby club among others were been supported by England Rugby in its investment in artificial surfaces and installed a 4th Generation pitch (Artificial Grass Pitch), across the sport of Rugby union playing and training venues are increasing across the UK, unfortunately little is known about the likely associated injuries and player welfare […]


The Article was published in the current edition of the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. In this systematic review, the authors aimed to verify the effects of this type of training. A total of 117 articles were retrieved, and 9 studies remained in the present systematic review. A total of 228 athletes (138 judo […]

How weight gains have also damaged N.F.L. retirees

In the past few decades, the National Football League’s emphasis on the passing game and quarterback protection has led teams to stock their offensive and defensive lines with ever-larger men, many of them weighing well over 300 pounds (136.7 Kg). But their great girth, which coaches encouraged, and which helped turn some players into multimillion-dollar commodities, leaves […]


From the American College of Sports Medicine by Sara Lynn Terrell, Ph.D. and James Lynch, M.D. ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal® January/February 2019 FEMOROACETABULAR IMPINGEMENT BACKGROUND Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is characterized by pathologic contact during hip range of motion (1). The idea of hip impingement, although noted in the 1930s, is becoming an increasingly prevalent […]

A Tactical Periodization Approach for Rugby Union

By Jason C. Tee, PhD, Michael Ashford, MSc, and David Piggott, PhDInstitute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom This is one of the most interesting papers I have come across concerning periodization in Rugby Union. Not many papers on the subject. ABSTRACT : THE CONCEPT OF TACTICAL […]

Top 14 – Finally the end of the pounds

By Jeremy Fadat via Midi Olympique Interesting S&C and Nutrition Article, Less hypertrophy more Strength and Anaerobic Power. translated from the French, reading between the lines some of this is targeting the stretch–shortening cycle (SSC) Article in English  Original Article can be found here

Return to play after concussion

Recently I had to explain to a player why they couldn’t return to play immediately after a concussion and trying to explain the Return to Play Protocols. Unfortunately the player wants to get back on the pitch immediately and doesn’t understand the implications. After much explanation the player has relented and will seek medical advice. […]

An Investigation Into the Effects of Excluding the Catch Phase of the Power Clean on Force-Time Characteristics During Isometric and Dynamic Tasks: An Intervention Study

An interesting paper, The aims of this study were to compare the effects of the exclusion or inclusion of the catch phase during power clean (PC) derivatives on force-time characteristics during isometric and dynamic tasks, after two 4-week mesocycles of resistance training. Two strength matched groups completed the twice-weekly training sessions either including the catch […]

Upper Body program for Wheelchair Rugby (Murder ball) – Opinion Piece

Recently I listened a radio broadcast of an amazing athlete who while playing able body Rugby was badly injured and now is in a wheelchair, but it has not dampened his enthusiasm and I decided to research about Strength and Conditioning Programs for Murder Ball and I found that the wheelchair version of the sport […]