Use of Loaded Conditioning Activities to potentiate middle – and Long – Distance Performance : A narrative review and practical applications.

A study in Endurance Review: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research: 33(8)/2288–2297  In this study, the authors looked at the use of a loaded conditioning activity (LCA), which elicits a post-activation potentiation (PAP) response to acutely enhance explosive power performance. Despite the limited number of studies that have been conducted in this area, the tentative […]

A Tactical Periodization Approach for Rugby Union

By Jason C. Tee, PhD, Michael Ashford, MSc, and David Piggott, PhDInstitute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom This is one of the most interesting papers I have come across concerning periodization in Rugby Union. Not many papers on the subject. ABSTRACT : THE CONCEPT OF TACTICAL […]

An Investigation Into the Effects of Excluding the Catch Phase of the Power Clean on Force-Time Characteristics During Isometric and Dynamic Tasks: An Intervention Study

An interesting paper, The aims of this study were to compare the effects of the exclusion or inclusion of the catch phase during power clean (PC) derivatives on force-time characteristics during isometric and dynamic tasks, after two 4-week mesocycles of resistance training. Two strength matched groups completed the twice-weekly training sessions either including the catch […]

Eight Week Battle Rope Training Improves Multiple Physical Fitness Dimensions and Shooting Accuracy.

Another Article from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning and Research 32(10): 2715–2724, 2018 A high-intensity interval training, power rope, total body training. This study investigated whether battle rope (BR) training enhances multiple physical fitness dimensions, including aerobic capacity (AC), upper-body anaerobic power (AnP), upper-body and lower-body power, agility, and core muscle endurance, and shooting […]

Partial Compared with Full Range of Motion Resistance Training for Muscle Hypertrophy:

A Brief Review and an Identification of Potential Mechanisms: Newmire, Daniel E.; Willoughby, Darryn S. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: September 2018 – Volume 32 – Issue 9 – p 2652–2664 Very Interesting Article: “Most of previous research has primarily focused on strength outcomes opposed to muscle hypertrophy. The purpose of the review is […]